My other projects, at my sister site, ideas past and present. Some overlap with what is here but there is a lot more there to see.

Now what?

Hi I am Alex and that is the subject of my journey. My work is designed to engage with the viewer, to explore a dialogue with objects and traditional ideas.

ArtUK virtual gallery


ArtUK. One of the early UK art websites, run by artists for artists. Also known as THEPROCESS it acted as an an online portfolio and gallery for artist all around

my art career

My website until around 2016, this is a snapshot of my work across 13yrs. Before digital became popular (pre 2001) very little of my work was documented. Most is sold

Using Tykhe Dice ‘Tykhe Dice were created to follow in a tradition of foretelling the future with dice. From the earliest times that has been the case.  But in modern times